Step by Step Guide To Maintaining the Best Wax Vaporizer Pen

by Stanley
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Proper maintenance of your wax vaporizer extends its life (service life span). In the light of cleaning your vaporizer, you prevent clogged airways, faulty connections and uneven heating of the wax in the vaporizer. You have to clean the atomizer of the best wax vaporizer pen to enhance the performance of the pen.

Here are simple steps you can follow at home to clean and maintain your vaporizer.

  1. Follow The Proper Charging Schedule

Every battery gets fully charged after a specified amount of time. Therefore, it is important to follow manufacturers guide on the charging of your vaporizer pen battery. Overcharging the battery could lead to a short lifespan and uneven heating of the wax.

Also, charge the battery before complete depletion of the charge, check whether the battery is bloated and whether its skin is peeled off.

  1. Turn Your Vaporizer Off Whenever Your Not It

As small as the best pen for smoking wax is, it can cause explosions and burns when left on particularly a portable vaporizer. Also, avoid pressing the power button for too long because the longer you press the button, the heat moves to the atomizer which can fire up. So, if you are not using the best wax vaporizer pen, turn off the control power button.

  1. Clean Between Atomizer And The Vaporizer

You can immerse a cloth in isopropyl alcohol and clean the threading where you connect the vaporizer and the atomizer. Ensure you don’t leave any piece of cloth on the threading because it will interrupt the connection between the two and can cause some working faultiness. Also, pat-dry the connections before reconnecting the atomizer to the vape pen for wax.

Additionally, you can submerge the atomizer in alcohol for 30 minutes to dilute the sticky wax. After immersing the atomizer, it is easy to pat dry all the wax.

wax vaporizer pen

  1. Burn Off The Remaining Wax In The Atomizer

An atomizer can have two to four coils on the inside, but you can also find a coil-less atomizer. So, if you’re are using a coiled atomizer and you have depleted your wax turn the atomizer to the highest temperature and burn off the wax on the attached on the coil.

It is a fast way of cleaning the best vape pen for wax because you burn off the wax before it gets attached to the coil.

  1. Clear The Air Holes

When you overfill the wax, it flows to the air holes through which the vapor should pass through. The overflowing wax clogs the air hole and prevents enough vapor from passing through.

Blow air through the mouthpiece to unclog the air hole but ensure the wax vaporizer is completely cold before you blow the air. Also, you can use a dab tool or paper clip which you pass through the mouthpiece and turn the tool as you wipe off the wax blocking the air holes.

Take Away

Regular maintenance of the best wax vaporizer pen prolongs its life. Clean the wax vaporizer after every use to prevent the accumulation of the wax on the coils, which will be tedious to remove in case you lack alcohol.



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