A Look in the New Huawei MateView Monitor

by Stanley

Monitors have been through a long journey of evolution, incredible in every aspect. From being a bulky display used only to present users with information, they have made their way creative design and features through immense innovation. One such example is the Huawei MateView Monitor.

Despite being in clashes with the United States and other western countries, Huawei is stepping up its game at an incredible pace. The company has moved ahead from just manufacturing phones, tablets, and laptops to producing a series of other devices, including the Huawei Smart watch and 4k monitor.

Now, let’s look at the numerous features Huawei MateView has to offer.

Features of Huawei MateView Monitor

The new Huawei MateView brings forward an ideology of the creators to mark their success in almost all tech products. Being a standalone monitor, the MateView offers an optimum experience and provides a smooth wireless connection to all your other smart devices.

Following are the features of Huawei MateView Monitor:

28.2-inch Display

The Huawei MateView features a 28.2-inch LCD with top-end color accuracy due to the 4k resolution and 98% DCI-P3 screen color. The 3:2 aspect ratio gives users a more vertical view of the documents and web pages.

Other than that, the HDR output and 50 nits brightness level, along with other specifications mentioned above, make this product an excellent choice for people who work with graphics and videos.

Wireless Connectivity

The great thing about the Huawei MateView Monitor is that it features wireless connectivity, which can be considered a selling point. However, you need to have a Huawei device for the technology to work. This was made possible very recently as earlier you needed to own a Huawei device that exclusively operated on Harmony OS.

Innovative Design

The Huawei MateView features a unique and striking design with a high-quality appearance. It uses aluminum to create ultra-thin bezels. This helps in reducing visual distraction and creates an almost borderless view.

Built-In Features

Another factor that makes the Huawei MateView a worth buying monitor is the two built-in speakers. With an impressive soundstage, it supports a volume up to 78dB. The frequency response and timbre can be adjusted via the algorithmic adjustment module.

The monitor also incorporates around 5,920 holes that enhance the sound quality. They also serve to be effective air channels to cool the monitor effectively. Other than that, the Huawei MateView Monitor includes a dual microphone capable of picking up sound from even far away distances.

USB-C Connection

Huawei has solved all the problems regarding the tangling of numerous cables by incorporating a USB-C port in the monitor’s design. You can now charge, transfer data, and plug monitor inputs, all through a single port. It also supports reverse charging.

Smart Bar

Deviating from the traditional control buttons or a small joystick, Huawei designed a touch Smart Bar, the first-ever touch OSD design for a monitor. Hidden underneath the screen, you can now perform all the monitor functions by simple tapping. Modifying monitor functions has never been so easy before!

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