NovaPro Professional LED Display Controller

by Stanley

Why choose NovaStar NovaPro Professional LED Display Controller

NovaStar NovaPro HD All-in-1 professional LED display controller in addition to display control functions, its equipped with a powerful front-end processing feature that renders an external scaler redundant. NovaPro professional LED display controller meets all requirements of the broadcast industry by providing quality in image control, easy to use and flexible control.

NovaPro Professional LED Display Controller Features 

  • Inputs include HDMI, VGA, CVBS, SDI, DVI, and DP. The input support image resolution of up to 1080p@60HZ with the highest pixel clock of 165MHz. 
  • Output bandwidth of up to GB. Up to 12bits of grey-scale depth can be achieved by using HDMI input.
  • Novapro HD LED controller provides the ability to configure and control the brightness, saturation, hue, contrast, and RGB.
  • The use of Touch Track, commonly known as one wheel and one button makes it easier to configure the system. To configure, one can use a remote PC (compatible with Windows, Mac Os, or Linux), an IPad, or a smartphone.
  • Novapro HD LED controller has Genlock and DMX512 interface that aid in professional control
  • and data synchronization.
  • NovaPro HD has optical fiber outputs that enable real-time and reliable long-distance data transmission. 

Technical Specifications 

  1. Inputs ports:

1 VGA with VESA standard

1 CVBS with both PAL and NTSC color encoding systems

1 DVI with up to 1080i input support

1 HDMI that supports HDCP with EIA/CEA-861 standards

1 DP Port

3G SDI (I480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i).

  1. Output Ports:

1 DVI loop that is consistent with the DVI input connector.

1 SDI loop also consistent with the input SDI.

4 LED outputs (with 4GB Ethernet outputs), with a horizontal. resolution of up to 3840 pixels and a vertical resolution of up to 1920 pixels.

4 Optical fiber ports adding in long distance data transmission.

2 DVI, and HDMI connectors for image monitoring and relaying the same image from the original source.

  1. General Specs:

Input power 100~250 VAC

Power consumption at 30W

Operating temperature -20 ~60°C,

Weight at 6kgs

General Users Guide To NovaPro Professional LED Display Controller

The following items are found on the front panel of the control device;

  1. Power Switch and Indicators:

Green indicates the device is working 

Red indicates the power status of the device.

Light flashing slowly is a sign of lost video signal.

  1. Input source buttons and indicators. By default, the indicator is normally blue, however, it turns green when the current input source is selected.
  2. Luminance, temperature, voltage and zoom in-out are all adjustable by user using the control panel.
  3. Knob, press the knob to select or turn the knob to adjust.

The following items are found in the rear panel;

  1. USB ports with input connector to a pc for communication.
  2. DMX Control where you can connect all consoles compatible with DMX512 interface protocol.
  3. VGA, HDMI, DVI CVBS, SDI, and DP video input ports.
  4. Ethernet, an internet port connected with a PC via a standard IP or TCP.

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