6 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

by Stanley
HDD machine

There is an increase in construction projects, which is why buying new construction equipment is essential. Buying an old machine is okay until it starts giving you troubles by requiring constant maintenance and part replacement.

If you have a long term project, it’s better to buy a new machine than an old machine. The first thing to remember is to order your equipment from a reliable source. One of the construction equipment is ZLCONN HDD machine which is manufactured and assembled by its ZL Conn Company.

Here are key points to mull over before buying a horizontal directional drilling machine.

  1. Quality

There is a common phrase; quality is key. It’s better to spend extra money on an HDD machine that is of quality than spend less on a bad quality machine. The quality of a machine determines the safety of your employees and work quality.

If the machine fails to reach the optimal threshold, it will degenerate quickly under harsh conditions, which will then lead to your employee working with compromised equipment. It is therefore essential for horizontal directional drilling companies to take into account the quality of the HDD machine before purchasing.

horizontal directional drilling machine's quality

  1. Cost

Construction equipment is generally expensive. But, it’s better to buy the equipment at a costly price, but they will last through your infrastructure project. However, check on the horizontal directional drilling price list and acquire relevant information on the prices of the HDD before purchasing the equipment.

  1. Technology

Technology is a friend of a business person. It has enhanced the efficiency of work. Choose a horizontal directional drilling machine that is built with the latest technology because it will require less manpower, and your company will spend less time completing construction projects.


Secondly, as it was mention earlier, construction equipment is costly. So, some companies can’t afford it, especially if the company is starting up. But, such construction companies will hire your machine because they know it’s built with the latest technology.

  1. Fuel Consumption

HDD consumes fuel as it operates. So, when choosing an HDD, consider the fuel consumption rate because fuel consumption can increase operation price in the long run.

  1. Do You Know How To Use The HDD?

Working in a construction site is hazardous if the person handling machinery lacks expertise and experience. So, before purchasing a horizontal directional drilling machine, invest in training persons that will be operating the machine. Besides, who will aid you in deciding on HDD machine specifications?

  1. Supplier

HDD machine

Is the supplier the same as the original HDD drilling machine manufacturer, or is he a middleman? Whichever answer it is, the supplier should answer your questions correctly. The answer should determine whether the supplier is reputable and reliable or if he is just in the market to make money. If he is running his business to make money, it means, when you encounter machinery problems, he won’t be of much help.


Buying a new HDD machine is advantageous in the long run because it will operate for a long time before you need to service it. But consider all the necessary tips and don’t compromise. They will determine whether you’re going to acquire a machine that will give value to the amount you’re spent buying it.


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