5 Key Factors to Consider When Investing In an Outdoor LED Screen

by Stanley
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To succeed as an event’s organizer for weddings, concert, company events and other social events; investing in a stage LED screen is imperative. Outdoor LED screens allow the showcasing of specific elements in an event, making it the highlight of the show.  As expected, looking at the various screen size, prices and installation process is the main focus when looking for a suitable display screen. However, to ensure you get the best, below are commonly overlooked factors while investing in outdoor LED screens.

  1. Outdoor LED Screen Storage Temp

Whether you will focus on LED screens for churches, weddings or corporate events considering the storage temperature of the LED screen is essential. Often high temperature leads to overheating of circuit boards in various devices leading to malfunction of the screen and a shortened life span. Ensuring that you invest in a display screen that allows you to store it without expensive adjustments is imperative.

  1. Outdoor LED Screen Storage Humidity

As you will be transporting the screen from one event to another, keeping in mind, the storage humidity levels will help you take better care of your display screen. This is especially important as damage to screens usually occurs in transit and hence the need to factor in the various methods for transportation and how humid the environs will be.

  1. Outdoor LED Screen Operating Temperature

Whether you invest in a flexible led stage screen or a fixed LED screen, consider the operating temperature the LED screen can withstand. The thermal ability of a screen is especially important when you are planning to operate screen for long hours. a suitable screen will regulate internal temperatures to ensure that there is no overheating and hence no damage can occur to the screen.

  1. Outdoor LED Screen Ingress Protection

As different events will have different environments, considering the ingress protection level for LED screen for stage performance is essential.  Ideally, some places require a more robust dust and particle protection feature to function correctly.  Additionally, factor in place of use as screens that will be in direct sunlight needed an added IV protection feature than those that will be used at night.

  1. Outdoor LED Screen Operation Humidity

Finally, consider if the flexible led screen you want to invest in has a high operation humidity level. When used outside, rain, snow and various wet elements can affect the proper functioning of a screen.  Extended operational hours can also lead to the accumulation of humidity from surrounding environs.  Ensuring that you counter check the specifications of a screen before purchase will allow you to choose the most suitable screen for your surroundings.


As seen above, investing in a high-quality stage LED screen takes more than looking at the screen size. To invest in an outdoor LED screen that will serve you for years to come, take into consideration your specific circumstance as an investor. Choosing one that you can easily manage will allow you to extend its useful life and get value for your money.

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