How automatic recirculation valve work

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automatic recirculation valve

All the advances in technology also lead to plenty of improvements in the world of piping since it’s extremely important to ensure the same flow at all times. The pumps used are quite sensitive to overheating and that’s why you need to know everything about automatic recirculation valve in order to keep the piping working in a safe manner.


automatic recirculation valve


1.    Why is an automatic recirculation valve needed?


As it has been said before, centrifugal pumps are still rather sensitive since they don’t get replaced very often. They are prone to cavitation as well which can be very dangerous since it may cause the pump to burst.

Automatic recirculation valve is, in fact, there to ensure that the minimum flow exists in the centrifugal pump. This kind of valve actually represents a pump recirculation control valve that primarily prolongs the life of centrifugal pumps.


2.    How to operate an automatic recirculation valve?


Operating automatic recirculation valve might be challenging since you must pay a lot of attention to the pressure. If the automatic recirculation valve’s disc is at its full capacity, it will result in the reduction of the flow. However, when the capacity is low, the flow rate increases rapidly.

What’s interesting to know is that at this point the disc of the automatic recirculation valve lifts which means that recirculation flow is higher but the flow through the pump is lower. Since the process is quite complex, it is essential to close the disc in order to avoid accidental damage of the centrifugal pump and for automatic recirculation valve pressure drop.


automatic recirculation valve

3.    How to install an automatic recirculation valve?


ARC pump is not easy to install and therefore, make sure you hire an expert since pump minimum flow protection is a complex process. However, what every expert should know is that the best place to install an automatic recirculation valve is on the outer side of the centrifugal pump.

In order to complete the installation, you can use either your own hands or a tackle. On the other hand, before doing anything, you must make sure that there is absolutely no pressure in the system whatsoever because you can get hurt very easily. Additionally, all the pumps must be turned off.

Moreover, it is best to close all isolating valves and remove flange covers. What you must write down though is the unique number of the valve since that’s the only number you will use in case you need some spare parts for your automatic recirculation valve.


4.    Why is an automatic recirculation valve useful?


If you are looking for the pros and cons of a hot water recirculating pump, there are more pros than cons. Today, we have smart homes so why wouldn’t we have a smart hot water recirculating pump since it can save our time and money. Having hot water as soon as you turn on the faucet sounds amazing especially if you are in a hurry.

That’s why an automatic recirculation valve is necessary, but don’t forget to hire an expert to install it in order to avoid any dangerous situations that might be caused by wrong operations.


automatic recirculation valve

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