Key Features of Commercial solar-powered street lights

by Stanley


Streetlights are used every day by pedestrians and drivers. These lights make passage easier and orderly for everybody including those who drive. Considering that they are only used at night, the amount and quality of light they produce becomes a priority. Commercial solar-powered street lights come in different shapes and sizes even though the concept behind them is the same. Below are must-know features of solar-powered streetlights.

LED solar street light

  • Battery life and runtime

There is a wide variety of battery selection based on your location, specifications and requirements. The variations include AGM batteries, Gel batteries and LiPo batteries all of which are durable and require low maintenance. A good solar powered street light battery will need replacement after about 7 years depending on the environmental conditions. On the same tone, below are notable hints attached these batteries.

  • The average operational runtime before dimming is 3 days at least.
  • Maximum runtime is 5 But the ones that can run for a longer time will require more money to purchase.


  • Solar streetlight fixtures

The entire system of solar streetlight is made from durable materials

Commercial solar-powered streetlights are good for highways, bridges, roads, municipalities and rural development projects. More so, these streetlights come in different models that fit your most basic needs. Some are specifically designed for parking lots and corporate parking lots. They are reliable because;

  • They do not depend on utility grid and therefore can get installed on streets and rural roads without using the poles to run power.
  • They use LED chips which makes them create floodlights of directed illumination.
  • These are the most environmentally friendly commercial solar-powered streetlights because they produce fewer ultra-violet rays.
  • They come with many options based on the area that needs to be light. From 4400 lumens to 14300 lumens


  • Power configuration

At the uppermost part of the streetlight pole, a photovoltaic panel is mounted there which is designed to face in the direction of sunlight without shades. The solar streetlight system is also equipped with the MMPT (maximum power point charge controller) that is connected to a battery. All these configurations get designed with the consideration of installation location, weather conditions of the area and local wind load requirements.

The solar streetlight system is also equipped with the MMPT

  • Custom outdoor lamps

Different types of lamps can be used in the commercial solar-powered streetlights, relying upon on the need. The two most common types of bulbs used are LED lamps and fluorescent. You are advised to go with the LED lamps because they are energy friendly and quite affordable to install and maintain.


  • Durability

The entire system is made from durable materials with the ability to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions. They last up to 25 years with minimum maintenance, and this means reduced maintenance cost.



Solar streetlights are the best choice for environmentalists because of its low carbon footprint of individuals, businesses and homes. In other words, solar-powered streetlights are the perfect solution for green lighting. Besides commercial solar-powered streetlights being environmentally friendly, they are cost-effective; meaning, they consume less power. Before purchasing a streetlight, you need to consider all the above.



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