2019 Prominent Trends In The E-cigs Industry

by Stanley
e-cigs industry

The vaping industry is vastly growing and more people are becoming consumers. Approximately 2 in 5 smokers are vapers.  While 2018 was a significant year for the e-cigs industry, 2019 has welcomed a few new trends that need to be recognized. Here are some of the things professionals have witnessed in the sector of unique e-cigs.

e-cigs industry

  1. Production And Smartphone Integration

Vaping is a significant social practice that has taken over the sector of e-cigs in different ways. With that said, e-cigarettes and smartphones seem to have taken over the industry. Further moves have been made to manufacture premier vaporizers that have Bluetooth apps. These can be used in downloading on the smartphone.


  1. More People Are Switching To Vaping

In 2018, there was significant confusion regarding basic knowledge of vaping. Today, most people have taken up lessons regarding vaping and the health benefits appended to it. Therefore, it’s viable to conclude that the vaping sector is vastly developing into a massive industry since most people have garnered more knowledge about the basics of vaping.


  1. There Are More Online Retailers In The Vaping Sector

Although the vaping industry is approximately 12 years old or so, there are many vaping retailers penetrating the market. 2019 has welcomed more online retailers who have also garnered more clients. This trend is expected to continue into 2020.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

The e-cigs sector currently offers disposable models of vape pens coupled with new cartridge models. These elements are rechargeable. They also contain filled cartridges that are reasonably affordable. Other than that, they are known to be beneficial. This is compared to conventional cigarettes.


  1. The Rise In Demand Of Vape Products

The vaping industry is quickly growing. It’s also gaining immense popularity. Multiple vendors are coming in to introduce the next line of various vaping products, including vape pens, smoke vapes, and reduced risk products. This makes it possible for manufacturers to come up with additional products that can support the well-being of consumers.


  1. Young Entrepreneurs Are Taking Over The Vaping Sector

Currently, the vaping industry has several remarkable features, including being driven by young business professionals who happen to be emerging entrepreneurs. These individuals are responding to the rising demand for vaping consumers.


  1. Vapes Are Pretty Affordable In The Current Year

The legal age for vapers is about 18. However, it does not imply that teens should stop indulging. About the money used to purchase vaping products, the cost of indulging in conventional smoking is pretty high. For a teen that cannot afford such cigarettes, vaping is the best option.


  1. A Look At The Component Insights

The vaping industry has been experiencing an influx of vape mod segment. The sector is still expected to uphold its massive dominance over the next few months. As such, the availability of these vaping products has also led to a rise in the demand for e-cigarettes.



Vaping is a healthier alternative to the common conventional smoking. It’s a new practice in the consumer sector.  Those who intend to join the business should be aware of the common trends in the sector.



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