Different Types of USB Cable Connectors

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USB Cable Connectors

USB cable connectors are a really common way of connecting external devices to a computer. The cables are also used to connect peripheral devices to other electronic devices such as game consoles. The main functions of USB connectors are charging and powering. USB cables are very practical and you can get them from a USB cable manufacturer in different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

Different types of USB cable connectors

Even though USB cables are supposed to be universal, there is quite a variety in the market. All these different types serve different functions.

Here are the most common types of USB cables:

  1. Type A

These are the regular flat, rectangular types that are found on the ends of almost all types of USB cables. The ports that you will find on most computers are for accommodating USB-A peripherals.

Type USB-A ports only insert in one way and are mostly found on game consoles, television sets, and other electronic appliances.

  1. Type B

This connector is almost square in shape and is mostly used for printers and other powered devices that connect to a computer.

Type USB-B cables are not very popular since most devices now use smaller connectors. In most cases, you will find USB cables that have a type-A connector and a type-B connector on both ends. This supposedly prevents potential damage that could have occurred if you had connected two devices using an exclusive type-A or type-B USB.

USB Cable Connectors

USB Cable Connectors

  • Mini-USB

This refers to small connector types that were common among mobile phones before the rise in popularity of the micro-USB. These connectors are not as popular today as they were in the past.

You’ll commonly find Mini-USB connectors among MP3 players, PlayStation 3, some cameras, and controllers.

  • Micro-USB

The Micro-USB cables are the current standards that are commonly used for mobile phones and other portable devices. These are mostly found on mobile phones, tablets, battery packs, and game controllers.

  • Type C

The type USB-C is the newest trend in the market that has a reversible cable which promises more power and a higher transfer rate compared to all the previous types of USB cables.

These days, you will mostly find the type C USB cables on modern laptops and game consoles as well as on smartphones. Thanks to its speed, size, and versatility, this emerging standard holds a lot of promise for the future.

USB-C cables have standard connectors on both its ends to allow full utilization of its capabilities. In addition to data transfer, the USB-C also powers devices and outputs display to monitors.

How Do I Test a USB Cable?

It will only take a couple of minutes to test the functionality of a USB cable. The following are steps to help you do it:

  • Connect the other end of the cable into a compliant peripheral device that has a compatible input for the cable.
  • Plug the cable into the port found on the PC. The port is rectangular in shape and has a line running through the middle
  • Check if the cable has any damage in the form of tearing or fraying. If you notice any, this means that under no circumstance is the cable is not safe to use.
  • Switch on the PC. It the USB cable is functioning properly, the connected device will power on when the PC is switched on.
USB Cable Connectors

USB Cable Connectors

The drivers that are required to run the external device should install automatically once the PC is powered. You will get a message telling you that the PC is installing software drivers for the connected device.

  • Check to see whether the device works as it’s supposed to. If the device doesn’t function properly, check the cable on another device to verify what is faulty between the cable and the device.


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