Top 5 Tips For Howo Truck Engines’ Maintenance

by Stanley

As the central part of a motor vehicle, the engine is technically the heart that keeps the truck pumping. As it has such a vital part in the running of a Howo truck, getting to know the basics of how to take care of it is crucial. Below are top maintenance tips for your Sinotruk engine parts that will keep your engine in optimum working condition and avoid breakdowns.




  1. Clean the Howo truck engine

Allowing crude and dirt to accumulate on the Sinotruck engine is the easiest way to increase the wearing down period of your truck. Even with manufacturers taking robust measures to make the engine durable, overlooking this component affects performance. Make it an aim to clean it out and remove the dirt and grime that might have accumulated over time hence protecting your engine.


  1. Monitor your Howo truck coolant

Monitoring the coolant is a significant means of increasing the running life of your engine. Unknown to many, the Ph. of coolant changes over time and becomes acidic. The result of the acidic coolant is that it enables rotting of various Howo truck parts. To evade this, test it out regularly and flush it out on a predetermined schedule.


  1. Schedule regular Howo Truck Fuel filter changes

As a central part of the engine, paying attention to the condition of your fuel filter is vital. Ideally, this Sinotruck spare parts filters out the dirt and grime from various components of your engine. For you to guarantee optimum performance, make it a point to replace it after every 10 kilometers or so. As many trucks nowadays have a primary and secondary filter, the period can be extended to every 15 kilometers, after which both of them need replacement.




  1. Periodically change the Howo truck air filters

The environment that you drive in plays a large part in how fast various Sinotruk Howo truck parts will wear down and need replacement. However, one aspect that you should focus on is getting into the habit of inspecting your air filters periodically. As it protects the engine from environmental elements, carefully monitoring and replacing the air filter is an integral part of protecting and enhancing the optimum function of the engine.


  1. Plan periodic Howo truck oil changes

Finally, establish a strict period of changing your engine’s oil after every 5000 kilometers at the maximum. As the oil allows smooth movements of the Sinotruck engine parts, replacing it often is imperative. Depending on whether you use your truck for hard driving or not, consider your trucks specific needs. Adjust these needs and change it as often as it gets dirty or when it reduces significantly hence avoiding breakdowns.



Though getting to know the various aspects of how Sinotruk engine parts work can be challenging, acquiring a few maintenance tips is indispensable. Overall, it will save you from unexpected engine failure and save you money. Following the above guide on various features of Howo truck parts gives you a basic overview of what you should do to care for your engine.





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