How To Choose The Right Pedestal For Your Sculptor

by Stanley


Without a doubt, sculptures are, of course, a legacy of mankind. Not only are they beautiful but pass an incredible fashion statement to the people around us. They can be carved in marble, but this is not really an issue. Sculptors are generally made to impress. But in this blog post, we focus on the ways of selecting a pedestal.

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When making a choice on how best to display your sculptures, you need to consider making good use of a pedestal. Typically, a pedestal ensures that the attention of a viewer is concentrated on a particular piece while incorporating a classical art to it. Therefore, if you would love to put additional dynamics to a home or office, you need to choose a pedestal with the essential features you need. This post attracts curators coupled with art aficionados and critical aspects to weigh in on when choosing the ideal display pedestal for your sculptor.

  1. How does the sculptor look?

The initial step in selecting the right pedestal for your sculptor is having a close examination of the piece that you would like to display. Care to note the color as well as the form of sculpture you have since this should assist you in suggesting the potential colors coupled with styles for your pedestal.

For instance, if your sculptor has a muted color, it should not be mounted on a glossy pedestal since it will take away much of the sculptor’s attention. Instead, opt to work with a slightly dark pedestal that comes with a wood finish. This should enhance your artwork.

  1. Take a quick look at the finer details of the sculptor

The nature of the sculpture will determine your choice of a pedestal. You need to consider the small details that will make the entire difference in a presentation. Perfect lighting is crucial for an ideal presentation because it follows the curator in controlling how the shadows will fall on that piece.

Some pieces look perfect when their shadows are minimized. Other sculptures would look more stunning when the shadows are pimped up. Remember that choosing the correct lighting is subjective. In this case, you can consider the factors below:

  • If you have a small structure, it will benefit from a relatively lighted pedestal, mainly if the dimming options have been utilized.
  • If you have a large sculpture, consider using a light pedestal that has been mounted on ambient lighting.

Last but not least, remember the details regarding the array of different add-ons coupled with features for pedestals. For instance, if you have a turntable, it can add some dynamic elements to the display pedestal. This would allow the viewer to explore various angles even without getting a feel or touch of the piece.

Final Thoughts

Pedestals have a way of providing you with an excellent platform to display that favorite sculpture at home or office. But, coming up with the right way to show it on that pedestal can be a nuance. That is why you should know how to pick the right pedestal, as we have explained in this blog post. Happy shopping!


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