Why LED bulbs are your Best Lighting options

by Stanley

When choosing LED bulbs as your lighting choice, there are certain aspects that you expect. This includes energy efficient lighting, low cost of operation and better light quality. However when considering 360- degree LED bulb lighting, the whole specification of purchase are overturned as they are at a whole different calibre. For you to save a ton in the initial LED bulb wholesale purchase, some unique characteristics will stand out.

Advanced technology

Over a few years, 360 degrees LED bulb manufacturers have made adjustments to pre-existing lighting technology. These adjustments have given rise to improvements in the lighting industry and thus brought upon the R, V and I series. In tandem with this, there have been various products that have been developed for more natural everyday use. This includes;

360-degree bulbs

LED bulb

LED bulb

The 360-degree bulb is the most notable lighting that has been developed. With technology that allows light to travel in all directions, good lighting without awkward angles has finally been achieved. This contrasts with traditional bulbs whose engineering allowed for a very directional approach to lighting. As 360-degree bulbs offer no shadows, it’s most suitable for wall sconces and table lamps.

A19 led bulbs

The A19 Led bulbs are a unique product addition to the LED lighting. Available in different power ranges including the 14W, 12W, 9W and the lowest of 7W, its low power usage makes it a cost-efficient purchase. With a voltage range of 100V- 240V, this LED bulb produces warm white light that is between 3000k and 5000k. As it provides light at 160 to 1800 degrees beam angle, it saves up 82% energy. With the ability to steer clear from dull, boring lighting, it’s used in general lighting specifically for commercial, residential and home use.

MR16 GU 10 LED bulbs

LED bulb

LED bulb

The MR16 GU10 LED bulbs are a series that are focused on producing low power watt usage from 7W, 6W, 5W, 4W, 3W. The technology engineered in this light bulb ensures that it produces highly efficient, high lumen and high-quality lighting that is used in homes and small business areas.

T8 LED bulbs

The T8 LED bulbs are availed in conventional industrial tubes which are housed in aluminium plastic housing systems. These LED bulbs are available in various sizes including, 1.5 m, 1.2m, 0.9m, and 0.6m catering for different length needs. The power capabilities of this industrial tubes range from high power of 32W, 24W, 18W, 16W, 14W to 10W. With the ability to illuminate to 240 degrees beam angle, it offers full moon brilliance that is flicker free. With such a wide illuminate angle the T8 LED bulb is best used for general lighting in hotels, bars, and restaurants.

LED downlights

LED bulbs

LED bulbs

The LED downlights are used together with the Led panels to offer fantastic ceiling lighting. This comes in the form of a round LED panel that offers adjustable LED bulbs that provide a 60 w incandescent equivalent. With the panels measuring 4 inches with the ability to support 8W power outage, these panels are widely used in a monastery, living rooms, outdoor garden, bedrooms, and hotels, primarily as a decorative feature.


Apart from giving you a lighting option that saves you money throughout, LED bulb lighting offers you diversity. This is seen in the number of different products that have been availed in the market.  This aspect translates to a more significant choice selection that allows you to match your lighting desires with what is already available as you consider LED bulb wholesale purchase.

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