10 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Marking Machine

by Stanley
electric marking machine

As laser machines become more popular as the most effective branding technique, more laser engraving machines are flooding the market. As a result, this reduces the cost of purchasing various kinds of laser, including the Heat Sign marking machine. However, with so many varieties, the whole aspect of picking an electric marking machine becomes a complicated affair, especially for a beginner. To aid you in this, below are some guidelines you need to consider.

  1. Key Features Of The Desktop Electric Marking Machine

As the most popular electric marking machine, the desktop fiber laser marking machine has a variety of uses. Ideally, the desk is used in an industrial set up, where various types of PCs are placed in an industrial set up to mark different products quickly. Consider investing in this marking machine for metal if your products aren’t massive or aren’t heavy, but you still want a sizeable engraving production.

  1. Key Features Of The Mini Electric Marking Machine

For a more compact option of a desktop feature, consider investing in the mini electric marking machine. The fiber laser marking machine has all the elements of a desktop, with the only difference being that’s it is being powered by a laptop and not a desktop. When making your consideration, factor in the floor space that you have. A mini fiber laser machine allows you to have all the pros of a fully functional laser machine, like an adjustable lifting column and rotating handle while saving space.

electric marking machine

  1. Electric Marking Machine That Is Portable  

If you need a portable marking machine, then consider investing in a portable one. With a maximum net weight of 35kg, you can choose to move this laser machine from one office space to another. It works by allowing you to adjust the 3D workable table by changing the focal length. The primary benefit of is it will enable you to mark bigger and heavier products without an issue. Since the only thing you need to consider is the proper positioning of the worktable, if you are a nomad consider purchasing this.

  1. Hand Held Electric Marking Machine

Sometimes a good old fashioned marking system of placing an object on the worktable to mark does not work. This might be due to the shape or the size of the product. If you delve in such kind of products, a handheld marking machine would be ideal for you. Just like the portable laser working machine, this electric machine allows you to adjust the focal length when marking. It also allows you to change the ideal positioning at the worktable. However, as an added benefit, you can adjust and take off the optical bench off for easier marking.

  1. Electric Marking Machine That Is Detachable

Similar to a handheld metal engraving machine is the detachable fiber laser marking machine. However, the precision and balance focal feature is enhanced as it accounts for unsteady hands. With this, bigger and heavier products can be marked in seconds without worry of uneven and unsightly results.

electric marking machine


  1. Electric Marking Machine That Has An Enclosure

Accidents happen, and one cannot be overly prepared when it comes with dealing with laser beams. If you need a laser machine that offers you the added safety benefit, then an electric marking machine with closure is a choice you should seriously deliberate on. Unlike other fiber laser machines like hand-held metal engraving machine, this machine can only be operated when you close the door. However, you don’t need to worry about focal adjustment limitations as the automatic functions can be adjusted through the up and down button.

  1. Flying Type Electric Marking Machine

As expected, various laser types have been invented to cater for different production needs. A flying electric tool marking machine is the ideal choice when dealing with everyday consumer goods because it specializes in code marking. As a result, it can be applied to a production line to engrave serial numbers to packaging.

  1. Size Of The Electric Marking Machine

When considering the specific Heat Sign marking machine to invest in, factor in the size of the products. Though you can purchase a handheld or detachable fiber laser engraver for more substantial items the shortcoming with this is the engraving slide remains the same. As the standard laser marking machine slide measures about 300*300mm, these measurements prove insufficient when you need to mark larger objects like glass, large mirror or a ruler. For this reason, you need to make a custom order.

  1. An Electric Marking Machine That Offers Rotary Marking

Deliberation should be made on the rotary axis to get top-notch quality work primarily on a portable metal engraving machine. As every product marking has its uniqueness, if you plan on using the engraver on a round object then it’s wise to custom make one that allows you to do this. As this is a vital element, professional consultation is usually offered in helping you choose the right model.

electric marking machine

  1. The Specific Industry Where The Electric Marking Machine Will Be Used

Though most laser marking machines allow for focal length adjustment and hence can be used with virtually any product, calibrating the settings every time can be challenging. The good news with this is that it doesn’t have to be so. With technological advancement, manufacturers have made it easier for you to choose a model that suits your specific production. This non-standard laser engraver allows for quick adjustment of the setting hence enabling fast operation. As expected, because they are already in existence, you don’t have to spend so much more having a machine custom made thus saving you money.


As seen above, the heat sign marking machine is a great machine to invest in. Take your time and deliberate on the specific features you want to be highlighted in your electric marking machine. Only then will you purchase an engraver that suits your needs.

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