The Global Market for DC Power Systems

by Stanley


The early contactor models had a rating of almost 25 amps, with the latest designs being rated to make or break the market at about 500 amps. Experts in the DC power contactor market offer you with electronic or mechanical economizers, which can help provide you with customized circuits made from DC power systems.

For many severe or severe environmental conditions, DC contactors are used because they are lightweight and then environmentally friendly. Apart from the fact that they come with sealed enclosures for more than 40,000 feet.

The primary contact configurations, coupled with auxiliary contact configurations, are also readily available for the better part of it. Typically, the AC and DC contactors are made to meet the several applicable demands of the MIL-PRF standards, which suit certain customer specifications.

The total DC power systems found in the industry are forecast to develop and grow at a rate of 5 percent.  

During that same period, the lower market segment is expected to witness some strong development, such as the deployment of high-profile networks like the 4G, which accelerates in most regions.

This should be accompanied by several deployments in many developed economies like the US and China.

It is important to note that DC power systems have a way of providing continuous power, coupled with backup, as well as standby power responsible for making sure that there is continuous machine operation regardless of the disruption that comes with the input in power.

Manufacturers of DC power systems need to focus on the viability of innovation besides coming up with the DC power systems with high-power solutions. That way, the users will realize that there are several opportunities for power vendors within the enterprise market, primarily through the projects found in the cities.  

There is a rising penetration of various energy-consumption needs directly appended to the DC loads with a detailed look in the commercial as well as residential sectors.

The rise in focus adoption of these systems has played a significant role in the creation of reliable energy systems.

Although the DC power distribution segmented market is developing at an alarming rate, it is currently underpenetrated because of the existing infrastructure.

In the next five years, the DC power distribution industry is projected to grow and reach $30 million.

This move is driven by the rise in the integration of energy storage in the commercial sector, coupled with savings opportunities specifically from the DC-powered lighting to the energy reproduction regulations and then targets.

But the market is recently countered by several substantial barriers like the existing AC infrastructures accompanied by the lack of products that can utilize DCs.

Final Thoughts

The research study above has currently identified one of the most important vertical markets to simplify the research. The commercial segments, including the office and hospitality sectors, are a few areas that have benefitted from the DC power systems. As highlighted in this article, manufacturers and users must understand the market nature before delving into any business. The reason being, with the right information, chances of failure are always reduced.  

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