What to Expect from the New Chitu Slicer Software?

by Stanley
New Chitu Slicer Software

New Chitu Slicer Software


If you are familiar with the Chitu slicer, then you already know that it is an excellent tool for making humanized designs of all kinds. So whether you are looking to create a face, palm, head, gorilla face, babyface, or any drawings for your 3D renditions, you can be sure it can do all of it and more.


And just in case you don’t already know, there has been an upgrade to the older model. The upgraded version, which is the LD-002, promises to provide more useful features than its predecessor. So here are some of the upgrades you can expect from the new Chitu slicer.


Processes Multiple Files


One of the drawbacks of the earlier model was that it was unable to process multiple files at a time. But all that is a thing of the past now that the LD-002 Chitu slicer is available for purchase. It can handle both large formats of 2D and 3D work models at high speeds, providing you with a quick result when using the machine. Although the older model seemed like it worked at lightning speed, you cannot compare it to this one.


Generates Files Automatically


New Chitu Slicer Software


You get the freedom to program your files into the machine, while you go on a coffee or smoke break without worrying about the design. It can be time-consuming to make small parts on the older model.


You would have to handle the process manually. But all that is in the past with the latest model. You can automatically prompt 3D print build without having to sit in front of the machine for long hours.


Edit Files


The Chitu slicer can make edits to 3D files in a variety of formats. And again, you don’t need to spend long hours doing the edits like before. So whether you are looking to make edits such as hollowing out, infilling, cloning, mirroring, or scaling to improve the outcome, you can be sure to get it done with the new device.


Easy to Operate


3D renditions


The software is equally easy to use. A newbie can get used to it after a few practices. It is equally worth mentioning that you can watch previous edits made on the software. So learning with it is entirely possible, but you will need a bit of tutorial on how to use the interface.


There is a lot of Support


You also get all the help you need to get the best out of your designs. Firstly, there is the option to include support to your designs manually or automatically. So whether you are interested in rafts at the top, middle, or bottom, it is entirely possible.


In addition, the software also supports a variety of 3D formats, and these include obj, stl, wow, slc, chitubox, fhd, and many other content files that work with 3D formats.


So if you need an upgrade to your slicing software, you should think of getting the new Chitu slicer LD-002.



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